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blue Merino sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags

Our 100% Natural baby sleeping bags are designed to help keep your baby’s or toddler’s the perfect temperature all night long – helping prevent your baby waking in the night!  Every parent should have at least one of these for their baby to help stop those sleepless nights, no more waking from cold when they kick the blankets off!  These are designed to be used instead of blankets. Available in two sizes; NB-2 years and 2-4 years.
We have 3 bags to choose from:
  • The Standard Weight Sleeping bag is suitable for all year round use and room temperatures between 18 and 28°C.
  • The Winter Duvet Sleeping Bag provides more warmth on cooler nights and is suitable for regular room temperatures between 15 and 20°C.
  • The 100% Merino Sleeping Bag is suitable for temperatures between 14 and 22°C
$ 106.20 USD
$ 99.56 USD
$ 92.92$ 99.56 USD
$ 92.92$ 99.56 USD
$ 99.56$ 106.20 USD
$ 99.56$ 106.20 USD